Smart Study TimeTable

Making a timetable for effective study does ease the job right? 

It helps one organize and plan their study, allocate time to each subject, and gives direction to students.

Making timetables is easy but following them, is a task so here are some ways that can help you follow timetables and study smart. 

1. Night vs Day: Studying early morning is generally effective. Understand what part of the day you feel the most productive and do maximum work during that time. Allocate tasks and subjects accordingly. 

2. Make a long-term timetable – Timetables that are precise and prepared for a long time ( say 3-4 months ) can help you study better and plan your day in advance.

3. Don’t start your day with negativity- The first few hours after you wake up are crucial. Try not to see a screen as soon as you wake up, try sunlight meditation instead. Be quiet and observe things around you. Isolate from a negative environment.

 4. Be accountable for your actions- As soon as you prepare a timetable, let everyone in your house know. Tell your friends, your parents and anyone you know. More the people know, the more will you be responsible for doing your work on time because you will be accountable to them. 

Use online resources that are available for free like Questt which helps with creating a personalized study plan.  Use the 25 min Pomodoro technique that says, study for 25 minutes then take a break of 5 minutes. Do 4-5 sessions like these for maximum concentration. 

Make to-do lists and write your productivity score at the end of each day to keep a track of your activities. Complete your important tasks first and learn to prioritize. Use flashcards for efficient revision, make your own notes, and practice as much as you can.

Remember: Consistency in any task makes all the difference. Stay consistent and you will succeed.

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