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Questt offers the most comprehensive study plan for students. Our study coach creates a perfect roadmap for students to master their exams.

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Customized Study Plan

Our study plan is streamlined to help students with their syllabus, exam dates, & their scope in the learning pathways.

We narrow down regular assignments for every student to finish daily and help them achieve their goals to crack their Exams.

A Dedicated Individual Study Coach

Our qualified personal study coach is the go-to person for students to help throughout the program.

The coach identifies the stress of the students & helps create the most comprehensive study plan for them.

The coach undertakes the responsibility to ensure that every student is following the plan & every assignment that is sent daily, is completed timely by the students. The coach is your point of contact to help you resolve any queries or issues.

Personalized/Regular Tests

At Questt, we ensure students retain everything studied to prepare for their Exams. We conduct tests regularly as a part of the study program.

i. Chapter-wise tests We assign objective tests to students after completing every chapter.

ii. Fortnightly tests - We conduct subjective question-based tests assigned to every student every couple of weeks to ensure that they answer every question that follows the pattern of the exams.

Every test conducted is based on the chapters the student completed with their coach. The fortnightly subjective exams are followed through the 1-on-1 feedback sessions for every student about their performance on the test. We also conduct weekly exams to help students brush through the chapters, preparing them to master their final exams.
Student Analysis Reports

The student receives two forms of reports they use for analyzing their current scenario and records the progress they have made.

i. Daily Summarized Reports These auto reports are sent to make students understand how they progress daily.

ii. Weekly-Detailed Reports These consist of a detailed analysis of the student highlighting their strengths and weaknesses.

How It Works

Step 1: Analysing the Student

Our coach gets in touch with the student to discuss the student's view on the Exams. They discuss the student's preparation, issues faced by them, speed of their study, the preferred mode of study, and other important relevant details.

Step 2: Creating a customized study plan

The personal coach will customize a plan for the students based on the inputs they receive from them and share the plan with the student.

Step 3: Monitoring Daily Progress

The Coach keeps in touch with the students regularly to achieve the following:

  1. Sending daily assignments and ensuring the student completes them.
  2. Send auto-reminders to ensure the students are on track.
  3. Sending daily reports to offer students to understand the progress made regularly. The personal coach is available whenever a student faces issues, following the most comprehensive plan and helping out extensively.
Step 4: Conducting Tests
  1. Every two weeks, on Saturday, the Coach shares the test papers for every subject (Maths, Science & Social Science) with the students.
  2. The students finish these and submit the rest by the end of Sunday.
  3. The test papers get evaluated while the coach sets the feedback for every student during the study plan.

Choose The plan that suits you

Questt is building a futuristic learning platform that empowers students by navigating their learning journey and plan for their tests with the power of AI.

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