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Reimagining Learning

Questt is an Online Practice & Revision app that enables students to enjoy the learning process. Students can practice from thousands of pre-built questions, specially curated by experienced educators. Questt app helps students build their learning universe and let the parents and teachers track their progress through comprehensive and exhaustive AI generated reports. Teachers can use the pre-built questions to create and assign homework to their students in 10 seconds.

Empowering teachers to make their homework tasks efficient and effective.

A thriving community of educators and learners that are redefining online learning. Let’s go!

For Teachers

One-tap Homework

Choose from more that 10,000 readymade homework/questt cards…or create your own.

Objective &
Subjective Questions

Our question banks are formulated with a rich variety of question types. Not just MCQ, you can assign absolutely any kind of homework task. Even subjective questions can be assigned and checked in a few easy taps.

Actionable Insights

Go beyond right and wrong answers with the help of Questt Analytics. Identify gaps in student learning and design focused, efficient support.


For Students


Gamified Homework

Who said homework has to be boring? Join your friends in daily adventures as you power through self study and learn like never before.

Self-Practice Support

Do tasks assigned by your teacher and also explore and learn from thousands of curated tasks. Free, effective and guaranteed fun!

From Marks to Mastery

Questt is designed to help you learn and grow. Go beyond marks and identify what you need to learn to achieve your maximum potential.

Get Meaningful Insights

Questt analyses student responses and documents learning data meaningfully. Analytics are displayed so that the teacher can make the right decisions, and plan for classes on the basis of the right data.

  • Concept Level Analysis
  • Bloom’s Taxonomy based Assessment
  • Personalised Performance Reports
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